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New International Schools Opening in KL

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Even though there are already 35 international schools open in Kuala Lumpur, it seems there is room in the market for more!

Here is an overview of three international schools that will open their doors over the next 18 months, listed in order of opening.

GEMS International School Tropicana Metropark is opening in September 2017 and will offer the Cambridge syllabus with a "Malaysian core". The campus is located in Subang Jaya.

Initially, the school will only be open for students from nursery age up to Year 9; eventually, the school will offer IGCSE and A Level qualifications. Fees are clearly outlined on their website and seem very reasonable. Kindergarten is priced at around 26,000RM, Primary school between 30-37,000RM and Year 9 at around 43,000RM. Other fees and charges are listed on their website. The school is offering a generous discount (15%) off fees for the first 200 students who enrol; contact them to find out more.

Peninsula International School will be opening in January 2018, offering Australia's Victorian curriculum (offering some competition to the only other school offering an Australian curriculum, the Australian International School). The campus will be located in Setia Alam, 35KM from the KL city centre. Fees are on their website, and place this school in the middle of the market: 26,000RM per annum for Year 1; 45,800RM for Year 7; 52,400RM for a Year 12 student. This school will follow the Australian school year (Jan-Dec rather than Sep-June).

Oasis International School is opening September 2018, and will offer an American syllabus. The campus is located south of KL.

Fees are clearly outlined on their website and place this school in the middle of the international school market, price-wise. Kindergarten is priced at 38,000RM per year, Primary at 48,000RM per year and High School at 58,000RM. Other fees and charges are indicated on their website. The school calendar will follow the two-semester model, rather than the three-semester model adopted by most other international schools.

Have we missed a school that will be opening soon? Let us know!

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