Reflections on our First 15 School Visits!

In 2018, We had the great pleasure of visiting the following KL international schools (in no particular order!):

Oasis; BSKL; Peninsula; ISP; Taylor’s (KL City campus); GIS; MKIS; ELC; AISM; Nexus; Kingsgate; GEMS; ISKL; St Joseph’s; HELP.

We spent over 30 hours chatting to school leaders, admissions and marketing team members, touring school campuses and asking tons of questions - and at least that much time again in Grab cars (it's been a great way to see the city!)

Here are just a few of our thoughts from this first collection of visits, peppered with some of our favourite photos (mostly of student artwork).


Firstly: It’s about Best Fit, not Best.

We have now visited schools in a huge range of price tiers - from Year 1 fees of around 16,000 at ELC up to around 86,000 at M’KIS! - and have found good options (at least in our opinion!) for every budget.

But there is just so much choice. And what’s tricky when surrounded by so much choice is working out what the best fit for your child/ren is going to be.

The goal of all our visits isn’t for us to work out which schools are ‘better’ or ‘worse’. It’s really about us learning as much as possible about eac