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5 proven ways to help your children succeed in preschool

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Navigating the transition to preschool? It can feel like an ordeal sometimes for both children and parents. It is a big step and, with support and guidance, you can make this transition relatively pain free. Our five effective strategies to help your child succeed in preschool and beyond are proven and they're yours to use.

1. Cultivate Cooperation and Empathy

Working as a team is a big deal in preschool. You can play a key role in helping your child learn to share, listen, and cooperate with their peers. How? Being a model of good behaviour, showing courtesy and listening well to others can be a great start. You can also encourage your little one understand and express emotions, a skill that's essential in building relationships.


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2. Prioritise Learning Over Grades

Parents often focus on grades, but at this stage, it's all about sparking curiosity and building a love for learning. So, engage with your child's inquisitive nature and foster independent thinking. The questions they ask may seem small, but taking the time to discuss them can make a big difference.

Really, their grades (if they get them) are simply to appease the fee paying parents that they're getting something in return. In most Western countries, preschools don't issue any reports whatsoever.

3. Build Good Learning Habits

Even at the preschool stage, you can help your child develop healthy learning habits. A structured routine similar to their preschool schedule can bring a sense of comfort. No devices at the dinner table is a good one!! But remember, every child is unique, so customize the routine to best fit their needs.

4. Ditch the Comparison Game

Comparing your child to others? That's a no-go. It only leads to stress and knocks their self-esteem. Instead, celebrate your child's individuality and unique interests.


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5. Praise, Not Punish

Positive reinforcement works wonders! Consistent encouragement can boost their confidence and self-worth, helping them explore their interests without fear.

Action Points

To summarise:

  1. Model good behaviour: Show your child how to be polite, listen attentively, and respect others.

  2. Fuel their curiosity: Engage with your child's questions and ideas, promoting their love for learning.

  3. Establish a routine: Create a routine that fits your child's needs and mirrors their preschool schedule.

  4. Celebrate individuality: Appreciate your child's unique interests and strengths. Avoid comparing them with others.

  5. Praise their efforts: Encourage your child consistently and sincerely. Praise their efforts, not just the outcome.

Remember, preschool is the first step in your child's educational adventure. Take it one step at a time, and always be there to support and cheer them on!


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